About Us

Remember when Texas banks made decisions in Texas?

We’re Texas-based, and we understand that Texans do things differently.

We’re efficient and fast – we usually offer a term sheet in just 48 hours.

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Green Bank is Growing in The Woodlands

Our new facility is open for business as of May 16, 2011.

(713) 275-8270

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Can you bank with a conscience?

You can and Green Bank makes it easy.

We’ve always done the right thing. And, like you, we’re now working to conserve resources in every step of our process.

Online and electronic banking, green loans, support of 108 Houston-based environmental non-profits and community involvement. And that’s just for starters.

Let your green do more - for you, the community and the environment.


Our Vision

Green Bank is a preferred provider for business and personal banking products and services, the employer of choice in Texas banking, and a champion for a cleaner, healthier environment.

Our Promise

We are committed to behave in a manner that ensures the fair treatment of our stakeholders and to be a company that routinely “does the right thing.” We make these promises:

  • To behave in an ethical manner in all transactions and interactions.
  • To act in environmentally and socially-responsible ways to support and strengthen the communities where we operate.
  • To be responsive, accessible and timely.
  • Make the communities in which we work better places to live.
  • To have proper compliance processes, measures and goals for achieving and surpassing all regulatory and legal requirements.