Do the faces in your bank change faster than the weekly promotions?

At Green Bank you’ll find the same smiling faces each time you visit or call. That’s because we pride ourselves on stability, accountability and loyalty – which leads to happy clients and happy employees.

Can you bank with a conscience?

You can and Green Bank makes it easy.

We’ve always done the right thing. And, like you, we’re now working to conserve resources in every step of our process.

Online and electronic banking, green loans, support of 108 Houston-based environmental non-profits and community involvement. And that’s just for starters.

Invest in Houston's Green Future...

...while Saving for Yours.
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The Green Bank Team

HQ Staff / Commercial Banking / Private & Business Banking / Services / Administration / Board of Directors

HQ Staff

Manuel J. MehosChairman of the Board
Geoffrey GreenwadePresident & CEO
John P. DurieExecutive Vice President & CFO
Donald PerschbacherExecutive Vice President & Corp. Chief Credit Officer
Franklin Patterson, Jr.Executive Vice President & COO(713) 275-8221
Marketing, Community Relations
Mike BaroneSenior Vice President(713) 275-8243
Andrew YenneAssistant Vice President(972) 407-3649

Commercial Banking

Commercial Banking - Austin
Bruce IrickExecutive Vice President(512) 617-6854
Jim FloydSenior Vice President(512) 617-6855
Paul MillerSenior Vice President(512) 617-6857
Garrett S. MorganVice President(512) 617-6864
Commercial Banking - Dallas
J. Bart BeardenExecutive Vice President(972) 528-6751
Raymond KembelExecutive Vice President(972) 528-6755
Stan BomarSenior Vice President, Warehouse Lending Director(972) 528-6753
Jeff CheathamSenior Vice President(972) 528-6761
Mark DunnSenior Vice President(972) 528-6776
Chuck ForshawSenior Vice President(972) 528-6775
Donald R. HardySenior Vice President, A/R Factoring(972) 528-6811
Tom HeslepSenior Vice President(972) 407-3663
Seana MasseySenior Vice President(972) 528-6777
David L. McDonoughSenior Vice President(972) 528-6773
Joe BoothVice President(972) 407-3664
Ernesto Martinez, Jr.Vice President & Commercial Banking Portfolio Manager(972) 528-6757
Fredda K. MorganVice President, Government Guaranteed Lending(972) 528-6794
Jonathan NewtonVice President(972) 407-3654
John ShaverVice President, Government Guaranteed Lending(972) 528-6797
Pamela Zeigler-PettyVice President(972) 407-3643
Lana FidelscaiaAssistant Vice President, A/R Factoring(972) 528-6812
Josh PlemmonsAssistant Vice President(972) 528-6756
Commercial Banking - Houston
Glen R. BellExecutive Vice President, Houston Market Manager(713) 316-3684
David M. AndersonExecutive Vice President(713) 316-3673
Chad BowserExecutive Vice President(713) 275-8247
James ChiltonExecutive Vice President(713) 275-8225
Peyton H. JonesExecutive Vice President(713) 316-3681
Cory LeBoufExecutive Vice President(713) 275-8252
Jeff CarpenterSenior Vice President(713) 275-8273
Gregory P. ChristmannSenior Vice President(713) 316-3668
Kevin CoffmanSenior Vice President, Government Guaranteed Lending(713) 275-8546
Rebecca S. DozierSenior Vice President(713) 316-3675
Walter FingerSenior Vice President(713) 316-3664
Chris HarlessSenior Vice President(713) 275-8254
Bill RidgwaySenior Vice President, Government Guaranteed Lending(713) 275-8547
Ryan CraigVice President & Commercial Banking Portfolio Manager(713) 275-8249
Kandace MoonVice President, Government Guaranteed Lending(713) 275-8548
Arturo ReyesVice President(713) 316-3686
Jennifer SurrencyAssistant Vice President, Government Guaranteed Lending(713) 275-8545
Marie CanoBanking Officer(713) 275-8522
Ermelinda OrtizBanking Officer(713) 316-3670
Linda SalcidoBanking Officer(713) 275-8258
Oanh SolomonBanking Officer(713) 316-3674

Private and Business Banking

Private and Business Banking - Houston
Francisco J. "Paco" RiveraExecutive Vice President(713) 275-8272
Meredith BeaumontSenior Vice President(713) 316-7056
Sharlene HawkesSenior Vice President(713) 316-7015
Paul McGuireSenior Vice President(713) 316-7055
Teresa NullSenior Vice President(713) 275-8372
Krissa PuckettSenior Vice President(713) 316-7014
J. Richard RectorSenior Vice President(713) 275-8282
Jill AnslumVice President(713) 275-8364
Mia HinojosaVice President(713) 316-3669
Terrie J. MannersVice President(713) 275-8362
Pam McNairVice President & Relationship Manager(713) 275-8321
Patricia WardVice President(713) 275-8276
Client Services
Steve CrowleyBanking Officer, Tanglewood Office(713) 316-7016
Jennifer SealsBanking Officer, Cleveland Office(713) 275-8350
Lea EadeKingwood Office(713) 275-8320
Jessica LoomisWoodlands Office(713) 275-8274
Delphine NdomoGreenbriar Office(713) 275-8370
David WargetzEagle Springs Office(713) 275-8322
Private and Business Banking - Dallas
Jeff WeaverExecutive Vice President, Dallas Community Banking President(972) 407-3677
Garth J. EdwardsExecutive Vice President(972) 528-6771
Greg HeyneSenior Vice President(972) 528-6738
Nancy CopeSenior Vice President(972) 528-6733
Rodney F. JacksonSenior Vice President(972) 528-6736
Jenny JohnsonSenior Vice President(972) 528-6734
Thomas EllsworthVice President & Relationship Manager(972) 528-6721
Heather HoweVice President(972) 407-3675
Shaun LaboiVice President(972) 528-6739
Bill ThompsonVice President(972) 528-6732
Emily J. ZoogVice President(972) 528-6737
Bryan RobertAssistant Vice President(972) 528-6728
Marcey FortuneAssistant Vice President, Retail Lending(972) 407-3680
Wayne WallaceAssistant Vice President, Retail Lending(972) 407-3623
Client Services
Shabronda AgeeRichardson Office(972) 528-6783
Demetra EdwardsPreston Center Office(972) 528-6722
Mike LucasUptown Office(972) 528-6746
James WelchAddison Office(972) 707-4124
Private and Business Banking - Austin
Jennifer ParksVice President(512) 617-6850
Kristi MabryBanking Officer(512) 617-6865
Private and Business Banking - Louisville, KY
Alesia CoffeyAssistant Vice President & Relationship Manager(502) 874-2408

Municipal & Institutional Services

Kay MooreSenior Vice President, Direct Funding Manager; Municipal/Financial Institutional Investing(713) 275-8241
Tim TeskeSenior Vice President, Financial Institutions Banking(972) 528-6762

Operations, Support & Credit Adminstration

Jeff KirbyExecutive Vice President, Credit(972) 528-6769
David J. MatthewsExecutive Vice President, Credit(713) 316-3685
Philip W. "Buzz" StaggExecutive Vice President & Credit Risk Executive(713) 316-3683
Thomas R. YenneExecutive Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions(972) 528-6791
Craig BaumbachSenior Vice President & Human Resources Director(713) 275-8209
Steve BoswellSenior Vice President, Credit(972) 407-3653
Denise L. DoughtieSenior Vice President & Loan Operations Manager(713) 316-3680
Mary A. DoyalSenior Vice President, Compliance Manager & Bank Cashier(713) 316-3677
Shelley HarringtonSenior Vice President & Credit Administration Manager(972) 528-6758
David HendrenSenior Vice President, Process and Control Auditor(713) 275-8214
Kathy A. HullSenior Vice President, Electronic Banking(713) 275-8223
Gerald MangumSenior Vice President, Credit(713) 275-8525
Kenneth MontagSenior Vice President & Director of Bank Technology(713) 275-8211
K.Lynn Ray, MAI, CCIMSenior Vice President & Chief Appraiser(972) 528-6768
Billye SmithSenior Vice President & Merger and Acquisition Analyst(713) 275-8266
Elizabeth VandervoortSenior Vice President & Controller(713) 316-7078
Scott VinesSenior Vice President, Treasury Management Services(713) 275-8540
Patricia AtkinsonVice President, Credit(713) 275-8256
James Adam CampbellVice President & Underwriting Officer(713) 275-8285
Greg ChennisiVice President, Credit(713) 275-8244
Peter CirroneVice President, Assurance Officer(713) 275-8213
Celinda C. DortonVice President, Accounting(972) 528-6792
Angela DurrettVice President & Underwriting Officer(713) 275-8219
Jad ElawarVice President & Underwriting Officer(713) 275-8387
Vicki EricksonVice President, Credit(972) 407-3665
Pamela JohnsonVice President, Technology Services Manager(713) 275-8238
Kim JonesVice President, Operations Project Manager(713) 275-7079
Jeffrey J. KrakowiakVice President & Underwriting Officer(972) 528-6795
Lisa LacyVice President & Loan Operations Assistant Manager(713) 275-8265
Lisa RogersVice President, Treasury Management Services(972) 528-6731
Marty RogersVice President & Underwriting Officer(713) 275-8388
Ria SugayVice President & Asset Liability Manager(713) 275-8261
Troy TutleVice President, Credit(972) 528-6798
Brent MadduxAssistant Vice President & Underwriting Officer(972) 528-6766
Eric NiehausAssistant Vice President, Credit(972) 528-6804
Dorothy PalmsAssistant Vice President, Wire Transfer(713) 316-7075
Sophie W. SardaAssistant Vice President & Underwriting Officer(713) 275-8246
Julie VelezAssistant Vice President, Deposit Operations(713) 275-8224
Clarence Weston, Jr.Assistant Vice President & Senior Auditor(713) 275-8215
Dwayne WhiddonAssistant Vice President & BSA Specialist(713) 316-7045
Pamela WoodsAssistant Vice President, Credit(972) 528-6778
Shabronda AgeeBanking Officer, Operations(972) 528-6783
Rick AlvaradoBanking Officer, Facilities(713) 275-8229
Sarah CassidyBanking Officer, Credit(972) 528-6763
Jesse CortezBanking Officer, Assistant Branch Operations Manager(713) 316-7069
Bradley DownsBanking Officer, Technology(713) 275-8237
Cynthia KindrickBanking Officer, Electronic Banking Supervisor(713) 316-3667
Diana MorganBranch Operations & Executive Assistant(713) 275-8204
Glenda SlaughterBanking Officer, Loan Operations(713) 275-8299

Board of Directors

Manuel MehosChairman 
Geoffrey D. Greenwade  
Steven D. Lerner  
Scott Schaen  
Cas Schneller  
Andrew Schoenthal  
Stefanie L. Shelley  
Alan M. Silberstein  
Robert B.B. Smith