20-Year Commercial Real Estate Terms

We are now offering up to 20-year maturity and amortization for owner-occupied property loans $250,000 to $5 million. Two interest rate options are available; both take full advantage of today's low rates.

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Complicated Finances Simplifies to Make Saving Easy

Complicated Finances now earns an additional $17,500 a year in interest income while most deposits are protected by FDIC insurance.
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Green Bank offers innovative receipt solutions that reward you every time you make a deposit.

Remote Image Deposit

The best car for the environment is the one that doesn’t take a trip. Green Bank’s Remote Image Deposit lets you use a check scanner to scan the checks you want to deposit, then transmit the images over your Internet connection. It’s one less trip to the bank and saves you time too. Plus, it’s fast. Deposits made by 6 p.m. will post to your account the same business day.

The advantages:

  • It saves time by requiring fewer trips to the bank
  • It saves money by reducing courier costs, employee travel time, check copying, and multiple banking relationships
  • You can easily see when your deposit has been made and posted
  • The electronic image library retains a front and back copy of each item deposited, and it’s easy to access online.

Lockbox Services Wholesale and Retail

Our Lockbox Service is available to speed receipt of funds and reduce or eliminate check handling. Daily deposits are easily accessed through online banking. 

Convenience Deposit Services

Through an agreement with Wells Fargo Bank, Green Bank allows you to make deposits at any Wells Fargo branch nationwide and receive next-day credit on these deposits. Talk about convenient.

Courier Banking

If making deposit runs to the bank is inconvenient, we can arrange a courier service to pick up check deposits on a regular or as-needed basis. We’re here for you.

BancCard Services – Mastercard/VISA BancCard Card Acceptance Program

Through an alliance with BancCard Services, we offer a comprehensive package of merchant services, including credit card processing to help keep your business going and growing.

ACH Debits/Collections

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an online method that enables Green Bank clients to create files to be transmitted for payroll, tax payment, and so on. ACH reduces clerical processing time while minimizing potential internal and external check fraud. ACH payment history and detail is available online at any time. ACH is available through our Cash and Account Management Services (CAMS).  

Zero Balance Accounts

Sometimes it makes sense to maintain a balance of zero by automatically transferring only enough funds to cover the checks presented. Green Bank lets you do this. We also offer you the flexibility for other strategies, including automatic investment and multi-sweep accounts.