Addison Office Grand Opening

The fifth location in the Dallas area has been open for business since June, but October brought the official grand opening celebration. Representatives from the Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce was on hand for the official ribbon cutting. Broadcasting live from the bank, the Ben & Skin Show from 105.3 The Fan brought more attention and guests to the event. Visitors enjoyed catering from two great restaurants and got to meet the newest bankers in their area.

See what else is going on in the Metroplex.

President's Pen

Geoff GreenwadeTechnology sure has changed our lives. It also continues to evolve. For me to speak to one of my kids on their cell phone I have to first text them to call me. I do this because they have their ringer turned off and they do not have a voicemail box set up. So for them the “mobile” phone is really a way to text their friends and use the smart portion of the phone to look up information on the internet. It is not a phone at all, but a computer device. Also, they can go for an hour texting each other back and forth having a technology driven conversation. This works for them but I am not a big fan of this type of communication, especially if you are sharing information back and forth.

At work, our version of texting is email. We would rather send many emails back and forth than actually pick up the phone (or heaven forbid go see them in person). What we miss in not having verbal dialogue is tone, context, passion, mood, sense of urgency, importance, flow, etc. I am not a very fast typer so my response on email may come across as curt, whereas if we were talking on the phone or in person it would be much easier to expound your intent in the conversation. I would encourage you for the next month to only send an email if its confirming information – when, where, what and who. If it is more use the phone or talk in person to expound on the conversation. I think you will find that you save quite a bit of stress and misunderstanding as you get caught in the unlimited email stream. The art of conversation can be quite extraordinary.

Houston-Area Private Banking News

MeredithBeaumontMeredith Beaumont joined our Houstonian team as Senior Vice President,
Business & Private Banking.

Construction on the new Kingwood location is progressing nicely and things are taking shape. We’re still on
track for a 2013 opening!


Houston and Dallas Green Bankers Participate in Rebuilding Together Volunteer Projects

A dedicated team of Green Bank volunteers participated in Rebuilding Together-Houston’s (RT-H) Fall Volunteer Home Repair Program. Our crew renovated the home as part of RT-H’s volunteer campaign to assist low-income homeowners.

This was the seventh house that Green Bank has completed in Houston in the past two years; our Dallas office will complete their second house this fall with RT-Dallas. Green Bank is keeping pace with giant corporations across Texas and building better communities.

The weather was perfect and everyone kept busy. Repair highlights included trimming the trees; installing a new back door; power washing the whole house; painting the entire exterior of the house and fixing the front porch light.


Dallas RTRepresentatives from Green Bank and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas today announced an $8,000 Partnership Grant Program (PGP) award to Rebuilding Together Greater Dallas.

Rebuilding Together Greater Dallas will use a portion of the funds toward the rehabilitation of a home for disabled veterans, Jammie and Katina Hinson. The check presentation will take place at the site of the home. The remaining grant funds will be used to hire a part-time assistant to help the organization with client intake.

Magdalena Brodnax, Rebuilding Together Greater Dallas' executive director, said the PGP funds couldn't have come at a better time.

"The partnership grant has just been really amazing for our organization," she said. "It has provided us with the capacity building we need in order to help more families in the city of Dallas."

The home being rehabbed was provided by Green Extreme Homes. Mr. Hinson, who served in the Army, has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and is relying on a left ventricle assist device until he is placed on a transplant list. Mrs. Hinson, an Air Force veteran, is a full-time caregiver to her husband and their two children, and she is also disabled.

"They are a wonderful family and one of Mr. Hinson's wishes is that his family would have a stable home if anything ever happened to him," Ms. Brodnax said. "We have completely redeveloped this distressed home, built him a ramp to allow him access to the home, and completely redesigned the entire house."

Dave Matthews, executive vice president and CRA officer for Green Bank, said he was thrilled to assist with the rehab efforts.

"Green Bank is very pleased to partner with FHLB Dallas to assist RT-Greater Dallas with their excellent work for veterans and other homeowners with pressing housing needs in Dallas' inner city," said Mr. Matthews. "This is a wonderful project for a very deserving veteran family."

FHLB Dallas awarded $225,000 in grants through its PGP this year. The grants provide funding for the operational needs of community-based organizations involved in affordable housing and community development.

Rich Rector-Financed LEED Home Nears Completion

RichardwithHomeownerLocated in the premier gated community of Crown Ranch near Magnolia, the newly constructed home exemplifies its LEED certification in many ways.

The home sits strategically facing the direction that allows for the least amount of direct sunlight, while still bringing in plenty of natural light through its many windows. The solar panels that line the garage's roof harness energy to power the house. There is a water cistern that sits underneath the driveway that holds the collected rainwater, which will be used to water the yard and plants. In every detail of the house, there is a well-planned and perfectly executed decision to make the house as "green" as possible. The homeowners worked with an architect and landscaper that specialize in custom designs that make environmental concerns a priority.

Read more about the contributors to this project.


Supervisor Boot Camp

Green Bank recently hosted a Supervisor Boot Camp led by former banker Honey Shelton of InterAction Training. Nine brave Green Bankers (along with bankers from State Bank of Texas and Bank of San Jacinto County) strapped on their boots for a fast-paced, challenging, and often humorous agenda that included modules on goal setting, leadership, coaching, performance and several other key supervisory skills as well as management tools for everyday use.

Supervisor Boot Camp will be offered again in January 2014 (location to be determined). The course is designed for supervisors and managers at any level - a great refresher even for those that have been around a while! Contact Craig Baumbach if you or a team member are interested in attending.

Congratulations to the successful Boot Camp survivors:

  • Jessica Loomis (Woodlands)
  • Jennifer Seals (Cleveland)
  • Jesse Cortez (Branch Operations)
  • Davis Nguyen (Greenbriar)
  • Greg Chennisi (Credit)
  • Angela Durrett (Underwriting)
  • Shabronda Agee (Richardson)
  • Lea Eade (Kingwood)
  • Craig Baumbach (Human Resources)

Credit Administration News

The credit team has recently been reorganized. Click here to download the new organization chart.

The Richardson team dressed as the cast of Saved by the Bell for Halloween!


Cleveland CSR Works Her Way to the Top in Fitness Competitions

MandieWaltersWillpower, sacrifice and dedication are three words that Mandie Walters has finally realized she can use in reference to herself. After making the decision to lead a healthier lifestyle, she began a restrictive meal plan, hired a personal trainer and pushed herself to her own limits to achieve the honor of landing a spot on the stage in her very first figure competition in Austin. She placed third in her division.

Read the entire news story from the Cleveland Advocate.

Marketing Moment

Natural Search/Organic Search
Natural searches are when an Internet user types in search terms into a search engine (like Google or Bing) and the Green Bank websites comes up on the search engine results. Our listing’s position is because the content of our site, the tagging/titling of our web pages and the history of thousands of searches is a statistical match for what the user is searching.

Paid Search/Online Ads
Unlike natural search, paid search involve a fee for specific terms or when the user clicks on an ad. Green Bank stresses targeted terms more; however, paying for clicks has its place. Feeling devilish? Do a search for “home mortgage” and click on any of the three listings on the top left or on the right—that provider will be charged $10 to $17 dollars for your window shopping.

This is where we get sneaky; visitors to our website are stalked with ads that reinforce the item they came to learn about. Our focus has been on SBA, factoring, commercial loans and business checking.

What are our recent results?
1. In the last four months, Green Bank’s internet rankings have climbed on a few key terms:

  • certificate of deposit Houston/Austin/Dallas, now #4 on Google
  • business savings account Houston/Austin/Dallas, now #7 on Google
  • business checking account Houston/Austin/Dallas, now #5 on Bing

Meanwhile, a few keywords have hit page 2 and page 3 on Google and Bing rankings
(previously "Not in Top 100"):

  • business checking account Houston/Austin/Dallas
  • checking fees Houston/Austin/Dallas
  • commercial banking Houston/Austin/Dallas
  • FDIC certificates of deposit Houston/Austin/Dallas
  • online banking Houston/Austin/Dallas
  • private bankers Houston/Austin/Dallas

2. Monthly visit counts to the website (excluding paid search) are up 14%, from 11,485 in May to 13,102 in October. Largest increases have been around SBA loans and factoring.

3. The paid ad campaign has brought new 9,791 first-time visits to the website over the last two months.


Addison Office Grand Opening

President's Pen

Private Banking News

Rebuilding Together Projects


Supervisor Boot Camp

Credit Administration News

Cleveland CSR's Fitness Competitions

Marketing Moment

New Hires




Meredith Beaumont
SVP, Business & Private Banking

Noemi Diaz
Client Services Representative

Tamara Ferguson
Electronic Banking Support Senior Specialist

Pamela Woods
AVP, Underwriting


Cindy Kindrick
Banking Officer, Electronic Banking Supervisor

Merly McClure
Client Services Specialist

Fredda Morgan
AVP, Government Guaranteed Lending

Andrew Roland
Client Services Specialist

James Welch
Lead Client Services Representative


Clifton Wilridge - 28 years
Client Services Representative

Elizabeth Vandervoort - 9 years
SVP, Controller

Mia Hinojosa - 7 years
VP, Private Banking

Adam Campbell - 6 years
VP, Underwriting Officer

Stephen Crowley - 6 years
Lead Client Services Representative

Roxanne Paradissis - 6 years
Branch Operations Administrator

Paul McGuire - 5 years
SVP, Private Banking

Fredda Morgan - 4 years
AVP, SBA Administrator

Debie Dutton - 4 years
Electronic Banking Support Specialist

David Matthews - 3 years
EVP, Credit Risk Officer

Thomas Yenne - 3 years
EVP, Mergers & Acquisitions
Sherry Lane

Chris Hansen - 3 years
SVP, Commercial Banking

Ray Kembel - 3 years
EVP, M&A Credit Director
Sherry Lane

Quin Rollins - 3 years
AVP, Acounting Manager

Nancy Cope - 2 years
VP, Private Banking
Preston Center

Nicole Nagy - 2 years
Commercial Banking Assistant
Sherry Lane

Sarah Stafford - 2 years
Client Services Representative

Veronica Alvarado - 1 year
AVP, Private Banking
Eagle Springs

Julie Velez - 1 year
AVP, Deposit Operations Manager

David Huffman - 1 year
Accounting Generalist II

James Chilton - 1 year
EVP, Commercial Banking

Cesar Rivera - 1 year
Client Services Representative
Preston Center

Kevin Coffman - 1 year
SVP, Government Guaranteed
Lending Division Manager

Bill Ridgway - 1 year
SVP, Government Guaranteed
Lending Division Officer

Kandace Moon - 1 year
VP, Government Guaranteed
Lending Division Administrator

Bill Thompson - 1 year
VP, Private Banking