Green Banking

Can you bank with a conscience?

You can and Green Bank makes it easy.

We’ve always done the right thing. And, like you, we’re now working to conserve resources in every step of our process.

Online and electronic banking, green loans, support of 108 Houston-based environmental non-profits and community involvement. And that’s just for starters.

Going for the Green

Green Bank wasn’t originally conceived with environmentalism in mind, but since our founding, the concept of sustainability has become an integral part of our brand.

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Making Summer Plans? Volunteer!

Put that summer free time towards a great cause. New educational and great volunteer opportunities await - many are free and all are waiting for you.There are more than 100 environmental organizations working to make our community greener.

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Green Banking

As bankers, waste goes against our grain, and frugality is a natural tendency. So it just makes sense that Green Bank would lead the way in finding ways to blend our customers’ financial interests with the interests of the environment. Best of all, that environmental sensibility is paying off for our clients – and for the planet.