Green Bank is Green

Can you bank with a conscience?

You can and Green Bank makes it easy.

We’ve always done the right thing. And, like you, we’re now working to conserve resources in every step of our process.

Online and electronic banking, green loans, support of 108 Houston-based environmental non-profits and community involvement. And that’s just for starters.

Going For The Green

Green Bank wasn’t originally conceived with environmentalism in mind, but since our founding, the concept of sustainability has become an integral part of our brand.

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Toaster or a donation to a leading environmental organization?

Green Bank carrots are a little greener—open a checking, money market or CD account and we’ll make a contribution to your favorite non-profit organization.
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Green Bank is Green

Green Bank is a community bank run by people who call Texas home. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Houston-based Green Bancorp, Inc.

With office locations in Houston, Austin and Dallas, our focus is on delighting clients with premium personal service and outstanding banking products. Along the way, we enthusiastically embrace initiatives that use fewer natural resources and help reduce waste. 

Our commitment to a healthier environment is reflected in our products, property and processes. And, of course, in our people, who are smart, seasoned banking professionals who have an array of advanced technology at hand to make certain that your Green Bank experiences are efficient, secure and rewarding on many levels.

In the Community

Growing numbers of environmentally-minded people in the community are reducing, reusing and recycling, and they’re making a notable impact. At Green Bank, we’re not just cheering you on. We’re right there with you.

Embracing Green Building

Green Bank is a strong supporter of green development projects in our surrounding communities, and we network with both building associations and individual builders to finance projects with a focus on sustainability.  The bank is featured in the September 2011 issue of Green Builder Magazine, in an article on the trend that finds real estate agents, appraisers and lenders increasingly partnering with green home builders and sustainable community developers to grow the green housing market. 

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Making Paper Recycling Easy for All

Abitibi Bowater Recycling Bin is the only commercial business in Houston to have a paper recycling dumpster that’s open for public use. We’ve set aside spaces in our Greenbriar parking lot for the bin.

Community Computer Recycling

Santa brings a lot of computers, but he rarely takes the old ones away. Sadly, about 80 percent of old home-based computer equipment ends up in local landfills. During the week of New Year’s, Green Bank partners with Techs & Trainers, a local non-profit organization, to collect unwanted computers. Donated machines are refurbished and sold at almost no cost to disabled Houstonians. Computers beyond repair are safely and properly recycled locally. 

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Educating on Emerging Energy

Green Bank is helping the Austin Young Chamber of Commerce to also “go green.”

Three bankers with the Austin office of Green Bank have joined the effort to form a committee within the Young Chamber that brings more attention to – and interaction with – Central Texas’ emerging energy industry. Sammie Joseph, III and John Weddige, commercial banking assistant vice presidents, and Garret Morgan, assistant vice president, underwriting, are on the new Energy and Sustainability Committee, with the goal to connect students and young professionals with energy companies and organizations. 

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One Stop for all Green Events

Houstonians are a can-do bunch; our local green community is always working to make improvements in our area. Green Bank donates to the Citizen’s Environmental Coalition to help provide a single calendar listing for all green events happening in the Houston area. Open to all organizations, the calendar is an effective tool for keeping the city and green-minded individuals and families involved.

Donations to Green Organizations

We want all green organizations in Houston to achieve their mission. That’s why we are piloting some new ideas that will allow us to help all 100+ agencies in the Citizens’ Environmental Coalition:

  • 50k/$50 CD — For every $50,000 invested in 12-month or longer CDs, Green Bank will donate $50 to any non-profit that is a member of the Citizens’ Environmental Coalition. View PDF
  • Check Out Houston’s Green Groups — Open a business or personal checking or money market account and Green Bank will donate $50 to any non-profit that is a member of the Citizens’ Environmental Coalition. 

*A limited time offer, up to $250 can be donated as recognition of new accounts and deposits opened by an individual, business or organization. Only agencies affiliated with the CEC are eligible to receive donations through this program.

Online Banking

A good online banking system is the easiest way to reduce paper usage. At Green Bank, we provide full options for online banking to all customers at no cost. So far, this program has been a resounding success.

Online Bill Payment

Once you try online bill pay, you will never go back to writing checks and licking stamps. You will also be surprised at how much you save in postage, paper and time.


One of the first banks to offer e-statements, Green Bank convinced more clients to try electronic statements when we discontinued the option of receiving both printed and e-statements. You must choose one or the other, we said. And even though we eliminated the token reward we used to offer when they chose e-statements, we’re happy to report that most of our customers are choosing e-statements.

ACH Payroll

Business customers like electronic payroll because of the reduced paper/postage expenses. Employees like it because it is fast and safe. We like it because it is one more service we can offer our loyal clients.

Leading the way with LEED

Have you been to our new headquarters? Besides being architecturally stunning, it’s LEED Gold-Certified, which means it was designed to minimize resource consumption. The building lets us monitor our utility consumption and we use rainwater to irrigate the native plants that landscape our grounds. And it gives all of us who work here the means to tread more lightly on the environment than traditional banks. For Green Bank, it’s the perfect daily reminder of what we’re about.

Recycling and Green Cleaning

All our offices recycle. Besides paper, we collect cardboard, plastic and aluminum cans. And, our cleaning crews use green products that prevent toxic materials from going down the drain or being placed in the trash.

Electronic Reporting

Green Bank has replaced daily courier service between branches with scans and electronic delivery of daily reports, receipts and back-up materials. Besides saving paper and envelopes, we are saving countless miles of driving, which further reduces our carbon footprint.

Inter-Branch Courier

Our courier drives a Toyota Prius. The shuttle sips, not gulps, gasoline and is a nice reminder of how we’re different. 

e-Payroll/Expense Reimbursement

All our employees receive paychecks and expense reimbursements electronically. This service is available to our business customers too.

Remote deposit

Making clients drive to the bank to deposit a few checks a month is contrary to Green Bank’s mission. That’s why we now provide check scanners to business account customers and are working to make scanners available to customers who need them for depositing checks from their home computers.