Opportunity Bank is now completely Green Bank  

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Opportunity Bank is now completely Green Bank  

DALLAS – August 13 – Green Bank has completed conversion of Richardson, TX‐based Opportunity Bank to its systems and account choices.Starting at the end of the day on Friday, August 10, the bank’s conversion team worked through the weekend and successfully opened today with all systems and services running smoothly.

“There are many moving parts when you convert a core, its ancillary systems and daily business procedures while remaining focused on customer impact,” said Executive Vice President Operations Sylvia Gonzales. “Informing clients, providing legal notifications, extending contracts, training staff and changing hardware and software are standard steps in an operational conversion. The challenge is transitioning all service points in a seamless manner. The Green Bank team has done this before and once again performed in partnership with their teammates in Richardson.”  

On May 31, Green Bancorp, Inc. acquired $53 million in total assets from Opportunity Bancshares, Inc. For the last three months, the branch continued to use its core accounting systems while clients used familiar products and services. “We reached out to Opportunity’s clients and provided talking points to the branch staff as soon as the acquisition was announced. At close, we added information to both web sites and mailed a packet that outlined changes,” said Bridgette Whiteing, Senior Vice President Branch Operations. “It can be challenging to train on a new system while working on an old system—we mixed some of the lobby personnel between Richardson and Dallas to start; our branch operations staff spent a lot of time in Richardson the weeks before conversion to assure a smooth opening day.”

Green Bank Completes another Conversion

Organic growth and acquisition are part of Green Bank’s growth strategy since opening a Dallas commercial loan office in October, 2010. Since then, the bank has added a location in Uptown and completed two acquisitions‐‐La Jolla Bank (October, 2010), and now, Opportunity Bank. The bank also completed a three‐office acquisition in North Houston in October, 2011. “With three acquisitions behind us, the conversion team has this down pat,” said Market President J. Bart Bearden. “Dallas operations have expanded to 46 employees in two years. Our growth is notable; our team of commercial loan officers and private bankers has pushed deposits beyond the $325 million mark and the loan portfolio is nearly $200 million.”

About Green Bank

Green Bank, N.A. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Green Bancorp, Inc. Headquartered in Houston, the bank focuses on the commercial and private banking needs of middle‐market businesses and individuals with innovative products and personal attention. Green Bank is committed to streamlining processes, preserving resources and performing to a higher standard. Green Bank employees are empowered to work toward long‐term goals and make sound lending and investment decisions. Green Bank, N.A. is a federally chartered bank regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, a division of the Department of the Treasury of the United States.  www.greenbank.com