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Ever wonder about a credit report? 401 (K)? Bonds?


Local high school students get a jump on setting up a budget

Cory LeBouf, SVP Green Bank, has served on the Advisory Board for Devereux Texas since April 2011. Devereux is a non-profit treatment facility for adolescents that have suffered from chemical, physical, and/or mental problems. As a board member, he regularly attends leadership meetings where the agency’s financial performance, budgets and financial projections are reviewed.

But recently, Cory tackled finances in a different role. On April 5, Devereux held a Life Skills Day and Cory taught home budgeting. Over three sessions, he instructed 60 students on the importance of managing income, basic home-finance accounting and basic savings.

“The kids understand that they have to walk before they can run and that savings is the first step,” notes Cory. “They get the basics—if they can start now, they can describe how savings grows and how you need to look at monthly earnings before you start dreaming of all the things you want to buy.”

Before joining the Advisory Board, Cory started working with the organization's largest fundraiser – the annual Divots for Devereux golf tournament. The tournament raises more than $40,000 each year for use in Devereux’s daily needs, which include supporting the League City campus that houses over 100 students on a year-round basis. For the last two years, Cory has additionally served as co-chairman of the Golf Committee, which focuses on raising the maximum amount of dollars per year from the event.