Another LEED Home Nears Completion

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Another LEED Home Nears Completion

Green Bank financing helped get it done


Located in Crown Ranch near Magnolia, this home exemplifies its LEED certification in many ways.

  • The home is situated to allow for the least amount of direct sunlight, while bringing in plenty of natural light through its many windows,
  • The solar panels line the garage's roof to harness energy,
  • There is a water cistern underneath the driveway that holds collected rainwater, which will be used to water the yard and plants.

In every detail of the house, there is a well-planned and perfectly executed decision to make the house as "green" as possible. The homeowners worked with an architect, builder and landscaper that specialize in custom designs and make environmental concerns a priority.

Richard Rector is a private banker with Green Bank. The homeowners found that financing a green home is difficult in a stick-built home world. Although experts say buyers appreciate the healthier homes and lower utility bills, many financers have difficulty making the numbers work. Happily, the homeowners were introduced to Green Bank by their architect, LaVerne Williams (mentioned below), where they connected with Rich. He worked diligently with the bank’s appraisal team to ensure that the appraiser assigned to the job was up to the task of appraising a home that is quite different from what is typically seen in the market. With this and the help of several of his fellow Green Bank associates, Rich got it done.

SolarPanelsLaVerne Williams, founder and CEO of Environment Associates, is the architect behind the skillfully designed plans. Environment Associates has been pioneering the sustainability movement since the 1970s. As a regional authority on environmentally responsive architecture, LaVerne has a proven passion for cultivating and advancing responsible living through high-performance green homes that strive for sustainability. LaVerne designed the first green building project in Texas that really caught the public’s attention, launching the green building movement in Texas. Environment Associates projects have won the most prestigious green building awards nationally and locally several times over.

Gene Guthrie, owner of Golden G Building, made Environment Associate’s plans come to life. Golden G Building, Inc. provides homeowners with much more than just a well-constructed home--a new quality investment, a newly cultivated lifestyle and a new friend. For more than 30 years, Golden G Building has built strong homes as well as strong relationships. Gene ensures clients are well-informed and routinely updated throughout the entire building process. During the construction phase, Gene has almost daily contact with the homeowner as well as progressive stage meetings, allowing the homeowner a hands-on perspective. During the follow-up process, Gene returns to the home after move-in to take care of anything that needs attention.

Kat DeCoronado, owner of KLM Landscape Design, is thrilled to add the finishing touches to this green home. KLM Landscaping has designed a custom landscape plan and will install the native landscaping this spring. Serving the greater Houston area for more than 25 years, KLM Landscape Design specializes in commercial and residential site plan designs, landscape construction and installation, water conservation plans, herb gardens, organic gardening, ornamental sculptures, commissioned outdoor art and more. Kat has won various awards for her stunning work.


From left to right: LaVerne (architect), Bill (homeowner), Kat (landscaper), Rich (banker)