Free Holiday Computer Recycling at Green Bank benefitting Techs & Trainers and Goodwill ComputerWorks

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Free Holiday Computer Recycling at Green Bank benefitting Techs & Trainers and Goodwill ComputerWorks


HOUSTON, December 19, 2011 – If Santa brings as many new computers as he’s expected to, large numbers of Texans will find themselves with an unneeded machine the week after Christmas.  Houston-based Green Bank wants to rescue those older computers and help them find them new homes before they end up in the dump.

The bank will host an old computer drop-off at its locations in the Greater Houston area, Austin and Dallas starting Wednesday, December 21 and continuing through Friday, January 6. 

Partnering with Green Bank will be local non-profits that have computer restoration, employment opportunities, assistance for the disadvantaged and recycling as key focus areas.

In Houston, Techs & Trainers will refurbish outdated machines and provide them to Houstonians with special needs, while CompuCycle will safely dismantle and recycle any machines that can’t be repaired. 

In Dallas and Austin, Goodwill Computer Works will refurbish old machines for sale in their retail outlets and safely recycle any machines or parts that cannot be repaired or reused.

The benefits that come from the donated computers are three-fold:  both Techs & Trainers and Goodwill use their computer recycling services to provide work for Texans with barriers to employment.  Experienced technicians oversee the refurbishment of the equipment, and job-seekers learn relevant new skills while making the repairs and upgrades. The end product is an affordable computer system for someone who might not otherwise be able to enjoy what technology has to offer.  Through this process, thousands of computers each year are saved from simply being thrown out with the trash.

“According to the EPA, more than 80 percent of electronic waste ends up in the landfills," said Mike Barone, vice president of marketing & branding at Green Bank. “So we’re glad to play a role in helping to find other uses for these old machines.  Even if the computers aren’t usable, most parts can be salvaged for another purpose and used to help someone in our community.”

During the three-week period, Green Bank will accept unneeded desktops, laptops, monitors, printers and other accessories.  Excepting for Monday, December 26 and Monday, January 2, drop-offs can be made between 9am and 5pm, Mon - Fri, at any Green Bank location.  A full list is viewable here.



About Techs & Trainers

Founded in 2000, Techs & Trainers seeks to provide a basic computer service to the disabled community of greater Houston.  The non-profit, based in Bellaire, TX, provides technological skills and computers to people with disabilities, barriers to employment or low income, while protecting the environment from e-waste.


About CompuCycle

CompuCycle is Houston’s first R2 certified, EPA recognized, responsible electronic recycling solutions provider.  Our business focuses on refurbishing equipment for resale, reuse of components and environmentally responsible electronics recycling. 

CompuCycle has been responsibly recycling electronics since 1996 in the Spring Branch and Memorial area.  CompuCycle is a permanent City of Houston electronic recycling drop-off facility and is proud to partner with Green Bank and Techs and Trainers to responsibly recycle your electronics.


About Goodwill Computer Works

Goodwill Austin and Dallas provide job-related services to people with barriers to employment.  Refurbished computers are resold at their Computer Works Store and the profits support other services across our communities.