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Can you call your banker on his cell phone?

Sometimes you really need to talk to your banker and a 1-800 number won’t cut it. That’s why Green Bankers list cell phone number on their card.

For you that means we’re always here to help. It also means you can’t tell jokes about bankers’ hours anymore.

Does your banker’s client list look like the phone book?

Many corner banks are built more like a fast food restaurant—they want to serve billions each day.

Green Bankers are different. Our goal is to know you and anticipate your needs. We can’t do that if our client list looks like a small town phone book.

Contact a private banker

Contact a private banker:

Houston - (713) 316-7007

Dallas - (972) 528-6717

Austin - (512) 617-6850

Personal. Private. And Green.

At Green Bank, we’ve fine-tuned everything.

Teller windows and drive-through windows are fine for routine transactions, but often you need more. That’s why, at Green Bank, your private banker is a central part of your experience. We’ll meet with you one-on-one, in a private office, to understand your needs and guide you to advantageous options. We even make house calls – coming to your home or office if you’re unable to visit us in person.

We offer a comprehensive line of banking products designed for sophisticated needs and long-term financial growth. Our CDs and money market accounts reward larger balances, and we are able to structure your accounts to assure maximum FDIC insurance coverage.

For Green Bank, “going green” is more than a point of view. It’s a key part of our services to you and an opportunity to reward you for adopting practices we advocate. For instance, you save when you choose our innovative products and service options that conserve resources and reduce waste. Green Bank was the first local bank to offer paper-free account options and is now the first to launch green mortgage and home improvement loans.

The Green Bank experience includes:

  • A special focus on customers with complex banking needs. We go to great lengths to thoroughly exceed your high expectations.
  • A powerful online banking system, open around the clock, with a full array of features.
  • Market-leading CDs ranging from one week to five years. Our fixed rates offer stability and growth.
  • Money-market accounts structured to reward higher balances.
  • Multiple account options designed to maximize FDIC coverage.
  • Personal lines of credit for unexpected needs.

At Green Bank, the fine-tuning never ends. We’re always looking for ways to make your banking experience simpler, greener... and more rewarding than ever.