Did you know?

We’re renewing lines, loans and letters.

Does your banker understand opportunity?

Most times opportunity can’t be adequately described on a loan application with 32 generic questions.

Green Bankers have vision and get it. We’ve done some unusual deals that left the other guys scratching their heads.

And being based here, we’re able to jump in, evaluate and get you an answer immediately.

Bankers make house calls?

Green bankers do. We might not carry a little black bag and a stethoscope, but we’ve been known to go to our clients’ offices or homes when time is tight.

Thinking About Building Green?

We can help you get there.

We've been in your shoes and understand your motivations. Building or re-building a resource-efficient home or office is not an easy task. So you can focus on insulation, the angle of solar screens and reclaiming rainwater, we've developed loan choices that are sustainable.

Green Bankers’ License Numbers

When you talk to a Green Banker about a mortgage, you know you are dealing with a licensed professional who is held to the highest of standards.

See Green Bankers' License Numbers

Borrowing – and lending – responsibly.

From home mortgages to transportation purchases, to the ordinary expenses of life, there’s an art to borrowing wisely. At Green Bank, we’re doing our part to make sure you have the best options, along with the information and guidance you need. And be sure to ask about our special lending terms for projects that improve your home’s efficiency. 

Home Mortgages

Your house hunting days are over – you’ve found what you’ve been looking for. Now let your private banker at Green Bank set you on the path that leads you home.

Regular Conventional Mortgages

Our conventional mortgages are built on ease. For homes priced up to $417,000, we’ve built a system that emphasizes education and we’re able to guide you through the process.

Jumbo Loans

Jumbo mortgage loans – which are loans for amounts greater than $417,000 – can make jumbo sense at Green Bank, where we “hold” them rather than selling them into the secondary market. This means your primary contact is still your private banker here, not some anonymous person at a 1-800 number.

Qualified borrowers will discover that Green Bank lending rates are exceptionally competitive.

Personal Loans

Our attitude is “yes.” Whether for a new or used vehicle, college, CDs, unsecured loans or something else – we’re here to help. For more information, call 713-316-7007.