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Can you call your banker on his cell phone?

Sometimes you really need to talk to your banker and a 1-800 number won’t cut it. That’s why Green Bankers list cell phone number on their card.

For you that means we’re always here to help. It also means you can’t tell jokes about bankers’ hours anymore.

Does your banker’s client list look like the phone book?

Many corner banks are built more like a fast food restaurant—they want to serve billions each day.

Green Bankers are different. Our goal is to know you and anticipate your needs. We can’t do that if our client list looks like a small town phone book.

774566Jim Floyd
775499Bruce Irick
1099577Kristi Mabry
933088Paul Miller
778811Garrett Morgan
568187Jennifer Parks
775451Letha Peters
960008Tammy Alvarez
859856Brittany Avery
775458Bart Bearden
775478Stan Bomar
775447Sarah Cassidy
775462Jeff Cheatham
836706Nancy Cope
915923Garth Edwards
778809Thom Ellsworth
775467Chris Hansen
784858Shelley Harrington
295337Jenny Johnson
859857Ray Kembel
837617Nicole Nagy
995444Amy Oister
859859Bryan Robert
1099574Rick Tapp
859861Tim Teske
701179Bill Thompson
964381Emily Zoog
975012Veronica Alvarado
775455David Anderson
775456Glen Bell
775461Chad Bowser
788687Jeff Carpenter
988144Jim Chilton
775463Greg Christmann
775479Jim Cooper
922536Ryan Craig
775464Becky Dozier
584175Walter Finger
861383Lisette Galindo
775487Geoff Greenwade
718184Sharlene Hawkes
775480Mia Hinojosa
775448Celia Holbrook
775468Peyton Jones
775470Cory LeBouf
717008Terrie Manners
775472Dave Martin
775473David Matthews
775484Paul McGuire
853487Pam McNair
775485Teresa Null
775450Ermelinda Ortiz
534395Richard Rector
1058129Arturo Reyes
775483Paco Rivera
775452Linda Salcido
775453Oanh Solomon
784860Buzz Stagg
775454Charlene Trollip