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The third quarter results are in and based on 7 (a) and 504 Loans,
Green Bank is the #5 SBA lender in the Houston-area. 

Fifth place is real good, considering we started last November. Imagine where we’ll be in two years. 

The bigger news will be told by the businesses we are fueling for growth. Where will they be in two years?   

Where could you be in two years? Contact Green Bank to learn about SBA loan options for your business.


Lender7(a) Loans504 LoansTotal 7(a) and 504 Loans
BBVA Compass$32,868,900$9,918,700$42,787,600
Wells Fargo$28,122,200$5,746,050$33,868,250
Wallis State Bank$25,560,000$4,463,000$30,023,000
Green Bank$23,485,000$1,383,450$24,868,450
Integrity Bank$21,209,500$1,521,750$22,731,250
Members Choice Credit Union$21,138,500 $21,138,500
JP Morgan Chase$13,365,400$4,234,097$17,599,497


Approved to offer SBA loan products under SBA's Preferred Lender Program, Express Lender Program and Patriot Express Lender Program

SBA and USDA Business Loan Options Make us Different

Green Bank has the resources to provide business-owners with the platform they need to develop their business. Since the inception of Green Bank, the focus has been on developing businesses, small and large. Our efforts have paid off with notable growth in the Texas banking market.

Brownsville to El Paso to Amarillo to Tyler to Galveston—Green Bank can meet the needs of our customers. Our phones ring across the state and our team has been on the front line for government-guaranteed lending across Texas with financing programs available from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).


The most common government guaranteed loans are SBA 7(a) guaranteed loans. SBA loans can offer other benefits not available with traditional business loans or financial situations. The typical SBA loans include:

  • Equipment
  • Working Capital
  • Leasehold Improvements
  • Owner-occupied commercial real estate
  • Debt refinance

USDA are less common for ‘city banks’, but can be more desirable. Don’t let the name fool you. If your headquarters is in a major metro, but your project is in a small community—USDA might be the way to go.

Green Bank is a Preferred SBA Lender

Green Bank opened its SBA Lending Group in 2011. In mid 2012, the bank has been added to the agency’s short list- now listed in the Preferred Lender Program. This designation means our clients can get a green light within three business days.

It’s a notable designation and vote of confidence. We can commit the SBA on most loans; our bankers learn your business, figure out if it is going to work and are able to move forward.

About USDA loans

The government guaranteed USDA loan program is open to individuals, corporations, cooperatives, partnerships and other for-profit and nonprofit entities. Loans can be used for an array of purposes: business and industrial startups, acquisitions, construction, conversion, expansion, repair, refinancing, permanent working capital, pollution control and more.

Business and Industry (B&I) loans are for rural areas, defined as cities, towns and their surrounding areas with populations under 50,000, with priority for rural communities with populations under 25,000.

Rural community loans are available to projects like water management, hospitals or fire and safety initiatives. These loans are open to communities with populations under 20,000, including municipalities, counties and special-purpose districts, as well as non-profit corporations and tribal governments.

About SBA loans

Since 1953, the U.S. Small Business Administration has provided financial, technical and management assistance to start or acquire a business, buy land and equipment, renovate, refinance, or acquire inventory or working capital.

The 7(a) Loan Program is SBA’s primary program for helping start-up and existing small businesses, with financing guaranteed for a variety of general business purposes. The SBA 504 Loan Program assists small business owners in the purchase of commercial real estate or machinery/equipment.