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Green Bancorp reports jump in earnings.

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Houston News

Green Bank participates in Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas Partnership Grants.

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Austin News

Green Bank helps provide SBA financing for Summit Vacation Resort.

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Phishing Alert

Right now, we’re hearing about anonymous, automated phone calls asking for account information to "release (unspecified) transactions from a security hold". The call then asks for a 16-digit debit card number. If you enter it--it’s too late.

This call is NOT being initiated by Green Bank or any bank.

Never enter account or card numbers when receiving an automated call. And remember—Green Bank will always call you in person if we think something is wrong or fishy with your account.

Please notify us at 1-800-316-7572 if you feel you have been a victim.

Green Bank is committed to keep your online information safe and secure. In so doing, we employ security measures that comply with federal regulations.   We value the protection of your information and have provided resources below to help you safeguard it.

We've assembled some information that will be helpful for you as you think about the security of your personal information.