Welcome, SharePlus Employees!

Welcome to Green Bank! We are excited to have you joining us during this exciting time of expanding our footprint in the Dallas area. We are here to help however we can throughout this transition, and look forward to working with you. Take a look through this newsletter to find answers to more questions, meet a few of our employees, recap recent community activities, and take a quiz with great prizes for the winners.

Trivia Challenge

Get familiar with the Green Bank website while looking for the answers to this issue's trivia questions.

1. What month in 2011 did Green Bank cross the $1 billion threshold of assets?
2. What college did Green Bank help transform their football field into a garden in 2012?
3. What year did Geoff Greenwade join Green Bank as President and CEO?

Email your answers to by 5 p.m. on Friday, June 13. We will conduct a drawing for your choice of a fabulous Green Bank prize, including a Nike golf hat, golf towel and ball marker; a leather padfolio, pen and flash drive; or a set of plastic cups for your department (pictured below).


Q & A: Answering Your Questions About Green Bank

What medical insurance does Green Bank offer? How will SharePlus employees transfer to that policy?

Green Bank’s medical insurance is offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield. There are 2 PPO plans and one PPO-High Deductible plan available from which you may select. SharePlus employees will go through an enrollment process similar to annual open enrollment.

What are Green Bank’s healthcare premiums (at each level - single, family, etc.)? Will we be provided a comparison table of Green Bank’s plan with SharePlus’ plan?

Click here to view the BENEFITS GUIDE for more information about all of Green Bank’s plans.

How does the merger affect our 401(k)?

The SharePlus plan will be terminated at legal merger.

All SharePlus 401(k) balances will fully vest at termination of the plan.

Great West Retirement Services (GWRS) will work with the SharePlus employees to rollover their balances to GWRS and make investment elections. SharePlus employees also have the option of rolling balances to other providers or taking distributions if they do not want to do rollovers to GWRS.

GWRS will allow outstanding loans to be rolled over if the employee rolls over their entire 401(k) balance from the SharePlus plan.

Is it expected that our ISO’s and RSA’s be paid from Green Bank’s payroll system or SharePlus Bancorps’?

This will be paid by SharePlus upon plan termination.

Does Green Bank’s PTO schedule use the calendar year (Jan-Dec) or does it go by anniversary date of the employee?

PTO accrues after the end of each month, based on the number of months of service. Accruals for SharePlus employees will be based on the original hire date with SharePlus (this will be your seniority date with Green Bank).

How will we accrue PTO with Green Bank?

Full-time employees are eligible for Paid Time Off as follows:

PTO Chart1

Part-time employees are eligible for Paid Time Off as follows:

PTO Chart2

Does Green Bank offer maternity leave?

Green Bank offers FMLA, which allows covered employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job protected leave for qualifying reasons such as pregnancy, birth, adoption, care of spouse, child or parent with a serious health condition, or the employee’s own serious health condition. PTO is used in conjunction with FMLA and short term disability may also be available.

How many employees does Green Bank currently have?


Employee Spotlight: Geoff Greenwade

Geoff Greenwade - lobby counterMowing lawns under the Texas sun taught teenage Geoff Greenwade a lesson: Get a good education and a job with air conditioning.

Now president and CEO of Green Bank, Greenwade says his younger self was already a banker in the making, considering he almost always saved the dollars he earned. These days he still gets out in the Texas heat, but only for golf on weekends.

As of Q1 2014, Green Bank has reached $1.75 billion in assets, joining the top 8 percent of U.S. banks in asset value. True to its name, the bank paints itself green: Its brand testifies a penchant for blending financial and environmental interests.

Greenwade, a graduate of both Texas A&M University and Baylor University, talks about his early career development — and how bankers sometimes just want to have fun.

At heart, are you an Aggie or a Baylor Bear?

An Aggie. When I was at Baylor I only went into two buildings the whole time … If somebody asks me, I bleed maroon.

How did you get involved with Squadron 2 in the A&M Corps of Cadets?

I never intended to go into the military, but I did see the value in going through the reserve officer training and being in the corps because up until the late 1960s, to be at A&M, it was required to be in the military training. I said, if I’m going to do this, I’ll do it all the way.

It’s one of the better things I ever did in my life, from a leadership-training standpoint. It taught you how to keep your room clean, too, which, for a teenager, isn’t a bad thing.

What makes you nervous?

People getting nervous makes me nervous. Generally, the economy is built on confidence. If people hadn’t panicked as much as they did in 2008, and stayed the course, we would be in much better shape. We should keep buying holiday gifts for our friends, go to restaurants and spend money, go on vacations, buy our houses and clothe our children. If you do that every day, everything will always work out.

Who do you think would play you in a movie?

Someone told me once I look like a younger Christopher Reeves

If you couldn’t be a banker, what would you be?

Probably something in marketing. I was a marketing major before I turned to finance. I won a few state fair prizes for some marketing photography displays. Probably in the product or retail side of the world, maybe working for Procter & Gamble. I look at the cereal box in the morning and think about the marketing, the advertising side.

What are the two biggest misconceptions about bankers?

People think bankers never want to loan money. That’s a huge misconception just because that’s how we make money. We bring in a deposit, we pay a reasonable rate of return, and we loan it out and get paid a reasonable rate of return. So, if you’re not loaning money, you’d go out of business.

Two, bankers are much more fun-loving than most people give them credit for. I call them accountants with personalities. I hope I didn’t just offend anyone

Family: Ronda, wife; Taylor, daughter; Morgan, daughter; Connor, son; a dog, Harley; and a cat, Snickers

Starbucks Order: Caramel Frappuccino

Ideal vacation: On the beach or someplace historical. Recently cruised to Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey.

An odd fact: I was born in an Air Force base hospital, but it’s now a federal penitentiary.

This interview originally appeared in the Houston Business Journal. Click here to read full version.

Employee Spotlight: Cindy Kindrick

CindyHow long have you been at Green Bank?

I like to say since dirt was young. I’ve been with Green Bank since before it was called Green Bank – for 24 years. I have watched the bank grow, banking change and I’ve grown along with it in my position--supervising the electronic banking department.

What is the best part about your job?

I really enjoy having the chance to interact with customers. Any time they have questions or need help figuring out electronic banking, I’m on the other end of the phone helping them through it.

What is the number one thing we need to know about electronic banking?

Electronic banking allows our customers to have real-time information about their accounts and transactions. It is an important tool that most clients utilize today, keeping in trend with current technology and an on-the-go lifestyle. It’s also important for technology-challenged customers to know that we can help them utilize electronic banking, too.

How might SharePlus folks expect to interact with you once they start at Green Bank?

At conversion, you might feel like we are interacting too much…

We’ll work together on behalf of clients in regards to electronic banking services, debit card services and treasury management services. You also may contact me when setting up your personal accounts with debit cards and electronic banking.

I am looking forward to working with you all.

Green Bank in the Community

Recently, Green Bankers have been involved in various projects to serve their communities. A Cleveland team participated in Relay for Life, a Dallas group rolled up their sleeves to help renovate an old church building and a Houston group sponsored a 5k walk and handed out kites to families on the trail. Here is a little more about each event:


On April 25, communities across America walked together to help find a cure for cancer. Green Bankers were there—participating in the Relay for Life of Liberty County @ Cleveland as team "Wild for a Cure." We were part of 26 teams and 288 walkers who raised $68,625. Debbie Harran, Cleveland client services representative, also made a donation in honor of a friend that recently lost her battle with cancer.



A dedicated team of Green Bankers and their families participated in Rebuilding Together – Greater Dallas’ (RT-Dallas) national Fall Volunteer Home Repair Program. Our crew helped renovate a 100-year old church as part of Rebuilding Together’s volunteer campaign to assist low-income communities. The church is located in Dallas’ historic Tenth Street District/Oak Cliff area, one of the oldest communities with many original buildings still standing.

The project was successfully lead by Nancy Cope, RT-Dallas Board Member and vice president of business and private backing, and Garth Edwards, executive vice president and private banking manager. Repair highlights include painting and sprucing up the church’s interior.

This was the third repair project that Green Bank has completed in Dallas in the past two years; our Houston office has also completed several home repair projects. Green Bank is keeping pace with giant corporations across Texas and building better communities.



Recently Green Bank sponsored the 2014 Walk for the Woods, a 5k walk benefitting the Woods Project. Featuring stops along Buffalo Bayou and in Houston's East End, Green Bank encouraged walkers to take a break and fly a kite.

The Woods Project seeks to develop leadership capacity and life skills in low income youth. Program goals include preparing students for college and beyond by developing life and leadership skills through wilderness exploration, encouraging interest in science and the environment through focused outdoor education programming and hands-on learning opportunities, and expanding students' world view through exposure to challenging situations and diverse environments.