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We are in the middle of the holiday season, and with that, fraud becomes a large issue. Target has announced a security breach in which 40 million credit/debit card accounts may be impacted.

  • This compromise also includes the Target Red (debit/credit) Card
  • The breach includes transactions between November 27 and December 15  
  • We recommend that you check accounts daily for unauthorized transactions and report them immediately.



If your Green Bank Debit Card was used at Target during this period, the safest thing you can do is
close the card. 

  • To close your card immediately, call VISA at 1.866.546.8273.
  • Then, stop by your Green Bank to get a new card issued.

Green Bank is working to get a list of impacted debit cards from our processor. When that list is obtained, we will attempt to contact our clients and help with cancelling these cards and issuing new ones immediately.

For questions about your Green Bank debit card, call 1.800.994.0640.



Green Bank recommends that clients close their Target Red Card account immediately. At this time, this can only be done through Target. For questions about your Target Red Card please call:

In U.S., call 1.888.755.5856.

From outside the U.S., call collect at 1.612.307.8622.


Read more about the breach here:

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