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Green Bank plants gardens at Haven of Hope House of Houston.

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Green Bank participates in Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas Partnership Grants.

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Need to Make a Deposit?

We have two great options:

On your smartphone or with MoneyPass, our new ATM network where many accept deposits. 

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Warehouse Lending with a Mortgage Company’s Perspective

We understand the value of relationships because we’ve been on your side of the table. And we know what keeps you up a night—higher demand, falling inventory, changing CFPC disclosure forms, Dodd-Frank and Fannie and Freddie’s changing requirements. 

The last thing you need is a roller coaster ride from your warehouse lender. Green Bank builds lines and syndicated facilities that  meet your changing needs and makes the process a little easier. With a staff that has worked in mortgage companies, we have a perspective that many banks miss or just don’t have.

Plus, we can set up account and treasury management services to increase efficiency and reduce fees.


“Stan responded quickly when I had deals on the table. His anticipation of the problem and recommended solution saved me from a week of delays if I have jumped to the lowest lender of the week.”
--Sally Smith, Reputable Mortgage

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Senior Vice President
Mortgage Warehouse Lending Director 



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What Is Warehouse Lending?

It is the money a mortgage company borrows to lend to a home buyer for the short period between closing and the sale of the mortgage to the secondary market, usually Freddie and Fannie.

In greater detail, warehouse lending is a short-term, revolving line of credit to a mortgage banking company to fund the closing of home mortgages between the sale closing to sale in the secondary market. The note is used as interim collateral for financing the mortgage until it is sold and delivered to the permanent investor. Sometimes the line of credit is used to purchase a closed mortgage from another originator; the line is still paid off when the loan is sold to the end investor.