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FDIC Insurance

Maximize Your FDIC Insurance Protection

There are many ways Green Bank can set up your accounts to offer greater levels of FDIC insurance for your savings.

Here is a quick primer on how we can help you with expanded FDIC insurance. At the end of the day, we still recommend you consult a savings expert and the FDIC for savings decisions.

What the FDIC covers:

Through Account Titling, we can shield your savings with expanded FDIC Insurance

Single Account Title
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation offers $250,000 for all single accounts at Green Bank. Single accounts are those titled in one name only, without any co-owner or beneficiary. The government combines all your CDs together with your other single accounts to compute your insurance limit in any one institution.

Joint or Beneficiary Accounts
Accounts titled in different categories give you additional coverage beyond the $250,000 for single accounts. If you open a joint CD account titled with your name plus one or more co-owners, the government insures $250,000 in your name plus $250,000 for each co-owner. The FDIC combines all your accounts at the same institution in the same title category for insurance purposes.

Joint Tenants with right of survivorship is the most common ways married couples title accounts—the assets pass directly to the surviving account holder when the first account holder dies and supersedes a will. Adding non-spouse beneficiaries often creates a gift tax.

Tenants in common are shared accounts that will be subject to a will and ensures that assets are passed according to the estate plan; this structure is a good choice when there’s no need to use living trust structures.

Convenience accounts work like a power of attorney, except that the signer’s authority is limited to the particular account. There’s no right of survivorship; so the account transfers according to your will. It’s a good choice when you want the security of another trusted person having access to an account.

Payable on death/transfer on death is a designation added to an individually titled account to allow the assets to be automatically transferred to the designated beneficiaries on the account holder’s death without going through probate. This titling will supersede any instructions in a will and if you wish to simply identify multiple beneficiaries and a percentage of assets each will receive. 



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Protect yourself from debit card fraud

Green Bank Guardian Alert
sends a text message when your debit card is used in a type of transaction that is most common in fraud cases:

  • International
  • Out of state
  • Fuel
  • >= $100
  • 5 or more in a rolling 24 hour period
  • Card not present—Internet & phone transactions.

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Business Premier Visa®

Green Bank's Business Premier Card provides an easy and efficient way to handle all your spending needs with a single card solution that provides many extras.

  • Power and control of a purchasing card
  • Flexibility and security of a travel card
  • Features and benefits of a rewards card

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