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Meet Alesia: Alesia is your Relationship Manager at our Louisville office. She’s your hometown girl, born and raised in Louisville just like you. Alesia always excelled in accounting and algebra in school which explains why she found banking fascinating. One day Alesia walked into her local branch with her mom and before she knew it had an interview lined up with the branch manager. Her potential was immediately recognized as she moved from a temp employee into a full time teller, setting the foundation of her banking career.  

What makes Alesia a great banker? Alesia brings compassion to her daily tasks. When she observes that a customer may need financial literacy more than a checking account she will take the time to bring knowledge to the subject. She truly wants to make a difference in everyone’s day.  

What does Alesia like? :  Italian food, family time, and making a difference in the lives of the people she meets.   

Let Alesia get to know you. Call today 502.963.0027.

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Alesia Coffey
Relationship Manager

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Lead Client Services Representative

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