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Interested in a Money Market account? Call Veronica today.  

Meet Veronica: Veronica is your Relationship Manager at our Plano office. Veronica’s career path began in recruitment until she decided that she was the best person to recruit in a trusted advisor banking role. She knew she could make a bigger difference in every customer’s day rather than teach another how to do the same. 

What makes Veronica a great banker? Veronica’s banking style can best described as empathetic. She’ll listen to your finances and with confidence offer advice that provides a more efficient banking experience. She knows every day will be different and with that, every customer will need customized banking services. Her solutions will often be tailored to you and will make you more comfortable and in control of your personal and business finances.

What does Veronica like? On weekends, Veronica likes to enjoy a round of golf followed by a Chilled Martini. She’s not a great golfer yet, but she is persistent!

Let Veronica get to know you. Call today 214.530.9757.


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Veronica Luna
Relationship Manager

Aaron Phea
Lead Client Services Representative

Did You Know?

Did you know if you use your debit card it reduces fraud and wrongful charges? 

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Did You Know?

Did you know Green Bank is publicly traded? 

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