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Meet Tunde: Tunde is your Relationship Manager at our Tanglewood office. When he was in college, Tunde excelled in his classes pertaining to economics. His fascination for the system that intertwines both people and businesses became his first step in the banking industry. It was at this point Tunde learned how he could contribute to Houston’s economy by becoming a trusted advisor to his community. 

What makes Tunde a great banker? One of Tunde’s great qualities is his thirst for knowledge. He’s not just meeting people and businesses in his day-to-day activities, he’s actually learning about you and your businesses. Tunde will apply his financial knowledge to your banking situation while absorbing how you run your finances or your company. This symbiotic relationship creates a banker who is truly dedicated to your business growth. 

Tunde's expert skills: Making Cajun pasta

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Tunde Imoru
Relationship Manager

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Did you know if you use your debit card it reduces fraud and wrongful charges? 

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Did You Know?

Did you know Green Bank is publicly traded? 

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