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Business Card Services

Lost or Stolen Cards | Debit Card | Guardian Alert

Lost or Stolen Cards

To report a lost, stolen or deactivated debit card, call (866) 546-8273.

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Green Bank Business Premier

Our new Business Premier VISA Card offers the perks of purchasing, travel and rewards cards all in one. Learn more here.

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Debit Card

Your VISA® Debit Card works like a check; just present the card at the time of your purchase and the amount will be deducted directly from your account.

Your VISA® Debit Card also acts as your ATM card. Use it for cash withdrawals and account-balance inquiries.

Your VISA® Debit Card is good anywhere you see the PULSE™ or PLUS™ logo.

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Green Bank Guardian Alert

Stay informed and stop fraud.

Green Bank Guardian Alert sends a text message when your debit card is used for a type of transaction that is most common in fraud cases:

Click here to learn more and sign up.

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How to Land a Loan

Green Bank continues to provide:

  • A commitment to look beyond the balance sheet to understand your complete position
  • Personalized underwriting
  • Fixed and floating loan choices
  • Flexible term periods

Click here to learn more about our business loan options

Is Your Earnings Credit Rate Great?

Ours is. And we’re proud of it -- an impressive 1.0%!

Learn more about Green Bank’s complete line of treasury management solutions. You just might be able to get more (service) for less (fees).

Save a Trip to the Bank

Remote deposit machines let you deposit checks from your desk—no more trips to the bank to deposit one check.

Click here to learn more

Your Deposits Stimulate Texas Business

We’ve been busy and have achieved steady and smart expansion. A growing number of Texans have chosen Green Bank and have been delighted with our service and efficiency. As a result, we have fostered growth through more loans and lines of credit.