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Business Deposit Services

Direct Deposit

Make sure your regular payments, such as payroll, pension, social security or other dividends, are received quickly and safely. With Direct Deposit, your funds are automatically processed; it’s a free service that also allows you to set up automatic transfers from your primary account to other accounts like another checking account or savings account. You can also use Direct Deposit to make loan payments.

Customers can easily sign up for direct deposit of their Social Security or other federal benefits for free by calling Treasury's Go Direct helpline at (800) 333-1795 or visiting

Contact your local branch or call Customer Care at (800) 352-8257 to learn more.

Contact a Commercial Banker

Houston: (713) 316-7008
Austin: (512) 617-6850
Dallas: (972) 528-6750

Save a Trip to the Bank

Remote deposit machines let you deposit checks from your desk—no more trips to the bank to deposit one check.

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