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Flexibility and accessibility are the keys to business success, whether you’re just starting out or branching out. That’s why we’ve created our Treasury Management solutions with these keys in mind. From easy access to making your funds work for you to providing you with a higher level of security. We’ve got you covered. It’s the Green way.

Commercial Account Management System Online Banking

Our advanced Internet technology and security are available in one package for your online banking. Account transfers, ACH file transmission, wire transfers and stop payment orders can be done easily and safely from your office or wherever you have Internet connectivity. This solution provides complete and timely access to consolidated account information in a secure environment.

Sweep Services

Literally, you can put money to work while you sleep.  By linking your corporate checking account to an overnight sweep service, you can automatically invest excess funds overnight and get them back in time to work for you the next day.

Positive Pay

For the highest level of check security, we can match every check presented against a list of check numbers and amounts which you provide.  If a presented check does not appear on the submitted list, the check is not cleared.

ACH Filter

Filters provide a higher level of fraud protection for ACH payments—you chose which clients are allowed to pay you through your ACH system.  You can set the parameters—approve each customer by name or by dollar limits.

Is Your Earnings Credit Rate Great?

Ours is. And we’re proud of it -- an impressive 1.0%!

Learn more about Green Bank’s complete line of treasury management solutions. You just might be able to get more (service) for less (fees).

ECR or Interest?

Which profile best fits your company? Green Bank has the solution to fit you, whether you are a niche business, growing business or mid-cap company. We'll help you figure out the best fit.

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