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ECR or Interest--Which Best Fits Your Company?

Green Bank has the solution to fit you, whether you are a niche business or growing business. We'll help you determine the best fit.

Niche Business Saves By Moving To Green Bank


$1,260 in annual bank service fees were eliminated when a new client moved its savings to Green Bank and maintained an average investable balance of $85,500. With the addition of a desk-top check scanner, the company eliminated nearly three hours-worth of trips to the bank each month.


Niche Business provides translation services for international companies and offers cultural training for employees preparing for ex-pat work assignments.

A successful company offering focused services, the firm has kept an average ledger balance of $85,500 for the last 12 months. Their national bank was offering an earnings credit rate of .20 percent.

The firm makes approximately 25 deposits, 40 credits and issues 100 checks/debits per month. One or two times per month, the firm will receive a domestic wire transfer. Generally, Niche Business paid $80 per month in service fees and made weekly deposit runs.


Green Bank currently offers a 1.0 percent earnings credit rate. By maintaining $85,500 on deposit, the firm is able to offset up to $63 in monthly service fees.

To greatly reduce trips to the bank, Green Bank now provides a check scanner--all check deposits are made directly from the customer's office and post the same day if we receive them by 6:30 pm.

Growing Business Bypasses Sprouting Monthly Fees


Growing Business uses earnings credits to offset $388 in monthly fees—or nearly $4,500 a year.


A sheet metal fabricator for natural gas production equipment, Growing Business has hit gold in recent years. Monthly average investable balances weigh in at $160,000; surprisingly, the firm received a modest .25 percent earnings credit rate from their Houston-based bank.

Booming profits also meant gusher bank service fees as business grew over recent years to cover nearly 1,200 checks/debits per month. With a specialized client base, the company usually collects monthly revenue through a manageable 24 deposits and 42 transits.


With an earnings credit rate 400 percent better than the market average, Growing Business will now save handsomely on annual bank fees.

Keeping their average collected balance at $340,000 will completely cover monthly service fees. Growing Business was also able to use their deposits to negotiate better terms for a line of credit.

Green Bank has a new way of looking at the world around us—this affects how we service executive-level customers and how we help you maximize your reserve funds.

Earnings Credit Rate Calculator

Our outstanding 1.0% earnings credit rate is four times the national average. Our ECR calculator can give you an idea of how much your business could save by choosing Green Bank.

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How to Land a Loan

Green Bank continues to provide:

  • A commitment to look beyond the balance sheet to understand your complete position
  • Personalized underwriting
  • Fixed and floating loan choices
  • Flexible term periods

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25-Year Commercial Real Estate Terms

We are now offering up to 25-year maturity and amortization for owner-occupied property loans. Two interest rate options are available; both take full advantage of today's low rates.

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Is Your Earnings Credit Rate Great?

Ours is. And we’re proud of it -- an impressive 1.0%!

Learn more about Green Bank’s complete line of treasury management solutions. You just might be able to get more (service) for less (fees).

Save a Trip to the Bank

Remote deposit machines let you deposit checks from your desk—no more trips to the bank to deposit one check.

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