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Going for the Green

A profitable partnership with the Earth  

Green Bank. In 2004, when we chose Green Bank as our name, environmentalism wasn’t part of our mindset. The “green movement” was starting to gain traction, but was viewed with skepticism by many. The scope of environmental destruction was undeniable, but solving it would require resources far beyond anything individuals alone could offer.

Our color choice was really just a simple branding idea. We wanted a name that would be simple and memorable, one that would get us noticed among a clutter of painfully generic names. Green happened to be the color of money, so that was good. But the idea that it might appeal to environmentally-minded folks was almost an afterthought.

When we opened our doors, our name perhaps seemed odd. Today it doesn’t. What happened? Icebergs melted. Climate change was finally recognized by the scientific community and folks on the street. And the green movement shifted from the fringe to the mainstream.

And, at Green Bank, something else changed. Finally, we got it. Not because environmentalism became popular, but because, it became real to us. While the scientists continue to argue whether climate change is primarily a by-product of human activity or not, it became clear to us that tailpipe and smokestack clouds are bad and resources of every sort are finite.

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Green Goes Viral

While we were waking up to these issues, a sense of urgency was reaching a critical mass worldwide. Suddenly, it didn’t seem futile to be part of an initiative that promoted environmental responsibility. We could, in fact, help save those oceans we once saw as a tragedy beyond repair. We could reduce waste and make a difference – because the rest of the world would be doing the same.

And businesses, the good and bad ground zero of environmental change started incorporating the environment into strategic thinking. Why? Because customers were asking for it and employees were embracing it. It was smart public relations and political insurance. It was the right thing to do. And – here’s the fun part for any business – it would save money. 

The green pathway for businesses was opening up because environmental responsibility was becoming embedded in the core values of its owners, its customers, and its employees. It became clear that these businesses would be replacing resource-wasting assets with resource-neutral assets. And that’s when real change would begin to bear fruit.

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Deepening our brand

Let’s get back to our name: Green Bank. From a simple branding idea based on the color of money and the possibility that it might also appeal to some ecology-minded folks, it morphed into something greater.

It became as much about the environment as about money, a recognition that now we could grow money and trees – and not one at the expense of the other.

We discovered that the most effective improvements to the environment start locally. So we reasoned that environmentally responsible banking would be most effective at the community-banking level. 

Robust banking products and services that meet a customer’s financial and operational needs – and are environmentally responsible – often require education and local implementation. Does that make us activists? Not at all. On the contrary, we are facilitators. Green Bank facilitates financially and environmentally responsible products and solutions for local businesses and consumers. 

Our goal is for Green Bank to be the bank that local businesses and consumers turn to first for good financial solutions that are environmentally responsible. That combination of customer attributes in Green Bank’s local markets is growing at the same rapid pace that environmental responsibility is imbedding in everyday core values. We want to be their ground zero. As they grow, Green Bank grows. That’s good for shareholders. That’s good for our customers. That’s good for our employees. That’s good for the earth.

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