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Find a No-Fee ATM

Or, an ATM which accepts deposits

Green Bank makes it easy, after all we bank here too.

Green Bank checking accounts are designed to help you avoid ATM fees. Of course, the machines at our locations are no-cost; but, we know you’re not always close to a Green Bank branch when you need money. That’s why we’ve joined the MoneyPass Network, one of the largest networks of cash machines across the country, offering tens of thousands of cash machines surcharge free. And, thousands of these machines accept deposits.

Green Bank ATMs

MoneyPass Network – Withdrawals and Deposits

The MoneyPass network includes tens of thousands of surcharge free ATM machines across the US. Your transaction will be surcharge-free at the ATMs listed on the MoneyPass locator. Or, you can download the MoneyPass app to find machines on the go. You can also search for deposit-taking ATMs with these tools. Not all network ATMs may display a MoneyPass decal and some may have stickers or warning screens about surcharge fees.

Green Choice Checking Account

Eco Checking Account

Remote Deposit Anywhere

Your cell phone is now open for deposits. Learn more about Remote Deposit Anywhere and make deposits without driving to the bank.

Green Bank Night Drop for Deposits

You can find them in Dallas and Houston.

Mobile Banking Safety

Using your mobile device to check the balances of your accounts or to process simple transactions is convenient and can save you time, but there are risks.

Learn how to protect your information

Sign up for Remote Deposit Anywhere

Safe, fast and hassle-free.
Green Bank Remote Deposit Anywhere allows you to take a picture of the front and back of your check and submit it securely to your account, saving you time and a trip to the bank.

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Protect Yourself from Debit Card Fraud

Green Bank Guardian Alert
sends a text message when your debit card is used in a type of transaction that is most common in fraud cases:

  • International
  • Out of state
  • Fuel
  • >= $100
  • 5 or more in a rolling 24 hour period
  • Card not present—Internet & phone transactions.

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