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Personal Account Fees

Personal Account Fees

Green Choice Checking Account

Eco Checking Account

Green Savings Account

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Green Money Market

Certificate of Deposit

Term of CD Penalty on Amount Withdrawn
6 months or less 30 days interest
>6 months to 1 year 90 days interest
>1 year to 3 years 180 days interest
>3 years 365 days interest

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Keep on top of account balances by using our no-cost online banking system or by calling our 24 hour telephone banking system. Transfers between accounts can be completed (at no charge) by using one of these services as well.

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Your Deposits Stimulate Texas Business


We’ve been busy and have achieved steady and smart expansion. A growing number of Texans have chosen Green Bank and have been delighted with our service and efficiency. As a result, we have fostered growth through more loans and lines of credit. To continue our successes, we need to increase our deposit base. 

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Looking For a No-Fee ATM?

Our checking accounts are designed to help you avoid ATM fees. Our branch ATMs are always no-cost. We’ve joined the MoneyPass Network, one of the largest networks of ATMs across the country, offering tens of thousands of ATMs surcharge free. And, thousands of these machines accept deposits.

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