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Viruses, Spyware and Firewalls

A virus is a type of software that "infects" computers. It's typically inserted into a program, and when that program is executed, the virus activates. Viruses can infect immediately, or on a specified date. They can affect single desktops, or spread to entire networks, servers and Web sites. While many viruses are just pranks or annoyances, others are more complex. Viruses can destroy data, corrupt programs so that they no longer run, steal passwords and infect address books.

Spyware is like a virus in that it is an unwanted program that runs on your computer. However, it does not try to replicate itself to other machines. Infection usually occurs when it is installed alongside another program such as a peer to peer file sharing application. However, increasingly, spyware is blending with viruses making it harder to eradicate and harder to avoid.

There are different types of spyware; some are more damaging than others.

Spyware Can Do a Lot

Prevention Tips

Firewalls Help Keep You Safe

Because the internet is a public network, any connected computer can find and connect to any other connected computer. A firewall is a barrier between the public internet and your private computer system. Think of it as a really paranoid bouncer who stops anyone coming into your computer if they’re not on the guest list.

A firewall isn’t sufficient on its own to guarantee security, but it is the first line of defense.

A firewall provides limited or no protection against:

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